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Commited to Innovation in Environmental Safety

According to the OPA 90 standards, the Government will require all tankers in the United States to be double hulled by 2015. This Coast Guard regulation will help to ensure that there will be no spills in our coastal waters, therefore protecting our aquatic wildlife and shoreline. Though when we started our double-hull project, this law did not go into effect for nearly a decade, Marine Oil Service took the first steps to become OPA compliant in 2005.

Being part of our mission statement, MOS was determined to be the innovative leader in this new environmental standard. Using a naval architect, we created the United States’ first small double-hulled oil tanker. Leaving the design open for others to build to promote environmental safety, MOS has commissioned 3 tankers so far with more in the pipeline. Technically a “boat within a boat” these vessels make the chance of an oil spill from running aground or collision next to none. We are committed to being an early adopter in the quest for environmental sustainability in the Marine Business.


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