Delivery Services for Oil Suppliers

Emma Miller

Marine Oil Service ("MOS") delivers marine, aviation and industrial lubricants, cylinder oils, specialty lubricants and greases and military specification lubricants and greases. Unlike most delivery agents, marine oil delivery is our core business, not a sideline.

Eight major oil companies have selected MOS to deliver their products. Marine deliveries are completed using modern double hulled tank vessels that are environmentally safer than traditional single hulled barges. We also complete deliveries by truck when that delivery method is more efficient.

We follow a simple philosophy: Complete each delivery safely, without spills, on time and in full. Marine Oil is committed to this philosophy and will accept nothing less.

Our delivery network and distribution centers serve the Eastern Seaboard and Pacific Northwest of the United States and the Eastern provinces of Canada. Deliveries to other locations are possible. Contact us with your delivery needs.

Wholesale and Retail Sales

Individuals and businesses (such as shipyards, government contractors, and others) who are not under a binding contract to an oil company may be able to purchase products from us on a wholesale or retail basis. Products are available in bulk and packaged form. MOS keeps many products in stock for immediate delivery while others are available following a short lead time.

Browse our product listing or contact us with your product delivery needs.